Stuck in Transition

Sunday 2nd February 2020 (1200)

Do you ever feel stuck between two worlds or situations where you are doing your absolute best to get out of one and move into another? Well that is where I am at, miserably failing at transition, like I cannot get out of my wetsuit and onto my bike. All I want to do is feel the freedom and joy of the bike, but the heavy, wetsuit is weighing me down, taking up too many thoughts of how to get out, slowly exhausting me and sapping me of what reserve I have left.

The problem I have is that I love my wetsuit and don’t want to get out of it.

I have thought long and hard about making this public, but as I plan to post this later in the week I will. Yesterday I stood on the edge of a cliff whilst out running with friends. For about 30 seconds I stood there alone watching the sea crash into the rocks below me. It was a low tide, the sun was shining and I thought how easy it would be just to say ‘f**k it’ and go.

A friend came around the corner, gave me a nudge … I carried on running.

Its ok not to be ok

Friday 24th January, 2020 (2.37pm)

Whilst sat in a coffee shop earlier today, my attention was drawn to a young girl sitting on her own crying. She had no drink, but sat at the table next to mine. I had come to the end and was just about to leave. It was one of those moments where I thought ‘do I check she is ok’ or ‘leave her as she may tell me to do one’. The second option didn’t bother me, as she wouldn’t be the first so to me it was a no brainer. I also would have regretted it. I sat in the chair opposite her and asked her why she was crying. I could tell she wanted to talk (I told her that I was not some crazy weirdo ‘hmm’). 

She told me that she did not want to cry in the street. After 5 minutes of my best ‘Achieving Best Evidence’ interviewing (lol) I got to the issue and we worked out a plan as to what she was going to do on leaving the coffee shop. Before that though she stayed and got a drink.

I am not telling you this because I think I am some hero. I just did the right thing at the time, in those circumstances. I am telling you this, because I have been there many times. Sat in coffee shop, upset, not knowing where to look. Nobody ever spoke to me, people walked by. I remember once, leaving in such as haze of fuzz wanting to end it all. Would someone taking time out to ask if I was ok have helped?

There are so many people around us struggling, it may not be as visible as this girl today, but in 5 minutes the girl had completely changed. I hope I made a difference to her life today like she did to mine.


Thursday 23rd January (1.25pm)

Identity. What is it? What does it mean? Are you defined by it?

It is something that we all have legally, and anatomically through DNA and fingerprints, but do we look at other factors which give us our identity? Status, race, religion, gender, or any other characteristic? When talking about someone, you may refer to them as a footballer, actress, runner, doctor, teacher, the one with the silver mini, or the green hair. All of these things say something about us.  Whilst these descriptors may not define us or give us our identity they are often what people think about when you mention them. Mo Farah – runner, David Tennant – actor.

You may identify yourself in a certain way. I do, or at least did, or do I still? On 4th November 2002, I was given a number that would be attached to my shoulder for 30 years (if not more). That number 4045 became my identity. That number for many years defined me. That number I would say and write time and time again. The letters in front of 4045 have changed over the years from PC, DC A/PS, A/DS, PS, DS, T/DI as I progressed  through to CID and Specialist Crime. These letters, important in my eyes, these letters making me proud of who I was, what I was doing and what I lived for. They defined me, the way I was, the way I thought, the way I observed everything and everyone, the way I lived my life by rules and regulations, policy and procedure. These letters and that number made me get up everyday and do what I could to make a difference.

Georgina Lloyd – the police officer. Georgina Lloyd – Sarge.

Over the last few years my identity as a cop has slowly faded, and maybe new tags have taken its place, the runner, the Ironman, the mad one who runs around all of the time, the new friend, Olly’s mum. People who I associate with now, never saw me as what I was, instead they see me as who I have become. Which is the real me? I do not know? 

I have recently come to realise that this has been a major problem for me. Whilst my friends and partner continued in their world, with their lives, mine was slowly being taken from me. My identity and feeling of pride, normality, purpose and hope were getting further and further away from me each day. I became jealous, afraid, scared as I felt left out of the real world. I became further isolated as I tried to deal with these feelings of ‘who am I’. I kept it bottled inside as I bubbled, crumbled, became rotten hurting those closest to me along the way. Stuck in a world that I could not adjust to.

Everything that I had worked so hard for now appears like a distant memory. This is still very raw and even writing this is making me emotional.

Therapy is now steering me in the right direction. Like an onion, I am stripping back the layers and I am getting closer to the core. The core in this example is my identity as I come to terms with perhaps losing one identity and finding another. 

They say in the job ‘you are just a number’. Whilst this maybe true, the significance of those 4 digits will have an ever lasting effect, whatever I find when I get to the core.

Time for the big girl pants

Wednesday 15th January 2020 (3.11pm)

I am pleased to say that today has been a better day. I am currently out treating myself to a late lunch after having an hour with my mental health worker. Thankfully our meeting went better than last Friday, and after having final closure on one part of my life, I feel that there is no point in dwelling on the ifs, buts and maybes. It’s time for me to put the big girl pants back on and adopt the chuck it in the ‘fu*k it bucket’ before it destroys me any further.

This morning I met up with someone who I have never had a verbal conversation with but know from Parkrun. After making contact via social media we met for a run. This is not something that I would have done up until recently. We smashed out 10 miles and never stopped talking all of the way. Thank you so much RC, that was exactly what I needed. Time out, not having the chance to think over the things was a perfect start to the morning. A new friend made and a new running buddy 👌🏻. The running community totally rocks and I am so grateful I have this and these super duper people.

Myself (especially) and Olly stepped out for our morning walk with a bounce and new hope. Things are still tough, they will be until I have time to adjust (not good for someone who has an adjustment disorder). Trying not to be too cliched, I have to look at what is ahead of me. The next few months will bring lots of changes so it is time for me to embrace what, and maybe even who will be thrown my way.

Whilst I have a tear in my eye, I am actually happy and inwardly smiling.


Tuesday 14th January 2020 (7.24pm)

An early therapy appointment (8am) has kind of left me feeling pretty bleurgh all day. I wasn’t feeling good on my drive there with lots of negative thoughts and emotions going around in my head. I arrived, admittedly in a bit of a mess, which continued throughout my session as my brain raced at a million miles an hour thinking over recent events. Again we talked about my want to escape from the mess I have made of things personally, as well as what is going on professionally and financially. We got onto the topic of trauma, and somewhere there is something going on with me that I either don’t know about, or I have buried it and not realised, or I know about but will not admit or talk about, I guess for fear of reality and further rejection. Next session we will be doing rewind therapy to try and remove whatever it is. I left therapy in a haze of fuzz and after taking Olly out for a walk to the beach, I have tucked myself away all day. Weather has not helped. I have had no interest in doing anything. 

I don’t feel that I have the help and support that I need at the moment. This has probably come out wrong, because I have friends who contact me everyday doing welfare checks, I have friends who invite me out for coffee, walks or runs. Whilst this is great and I am so thankful to these people, there is something or someone missing. And this is what I am finding hard. As I sit here typing this, Olly moves away from me feeling the emotion, his little face peering over the arm of the other chair.

I have just done the PHQ-9 test to see where I am in terms of my depression. I scored 23/27. A score above 20 indicates severe depression.

I have no idea what to do anymore.

In the rabbit hole

Sunday 12th January 2020 (6.43pm)

I always know when I have fallen down the rabbit hole due to the way I change within myself. My thoughts over the last few days have been scary as I have looked at ways to self harm, destruct and completely destroy myself. Left in a chasm of depression, the pills at times have looked like an easy way out. I know the trigger. It will pass, but as and when I don’t know. 

I am on the run, physically and metaphorically. Over the last week I have immersed myself in exercise and all I want to do at the moment is run, clock up the miles, clock up the time  and just go. I cannot sit still. I am agitated. I cannot stop. I have not run today. Other priorities. I cannot go now. Tomorrow morning I am planning a long run. I need to go. I need to get out. Fed up.

I looked to escape this weekend. I looked to get away. I almost left Olly with his minder and jumped on a train to London; however, I knew that I wanted him with me so I researched options of dog friendly places to stay. We almost ended up somewhere but escaping would have not helped my situation. I had planned to run with friends over the weekend and I did not want to miss out on this. I met with my mental health worker on Friday, we both knew that time away alone in strange place would not have helped. 

My therapist who I am seeing on Tuesday will be interested in the fact that yet again I want to escape. What am I escaping / running from all of the time? Life. Am I happy? No. Do I want out of this situation? Yes.

I have not done the things that I usually find comfort in (apart from running and spending time with Olly). I am not going out (apart from running and Olly walks). I have no motivation. I sit at home. Alone in my thoughts. I do not want to eat meals. I have no appetite. I just want chocolate. I read a lot. I have other work to do. I sit here. Thinking.  Daytime TV. This afternoon I learnt that an Indian takeaway has the same amount of fat as 89 mini cocktail sausages. 


Just looking 

Wednesday 1st January 2020 (4.14pm)

I am not going to sit here thinking over the last 12 months or even wondering what the next 12 will hold as what is the point. The last 12 have been and gone and I have no crystal ball to consider the next. Of course there are things which I would like to see happen both personally and professionally but at the moment I am feeling a little unsettled and confused.

As the Stereophonics so aptly put in their lyrics to ‘Just looking’

‘There’s things I want

There’s things I think I want

There’s things I’ve had

There’s things I want to have’

Whilst 2019 taught me so much, I can only work on what I have discovered which will hopefully unlock my confusion as to what I want and where I am going.

I have lost my copilot. That someone who would look at me if I came up with a stupid idea, or steer me in the right direction when I came up with a rash or crazy plan. That person who knew when I was spouting rubbish. That person who would help with such feelings and emotions. That person who would take over the controls when all I saw ahead was thick fog. That person who would allow me to reset the controls, the navigation equipment and give me time to get through the turbulence . That person who I never told. That person.

Is there an ideal solution? No.

Is there a perfect life? Of course not. 

Will there be heartache and struggles ahead? You bet.

All I can do is get through each day with my wingman, Olly. I have no expectations, just hope. I have no plans, just ideas. I have no partner by my side, but an awesome group of friends. Who knows, maybe one day everything will slot into place. I will find a way, I always do.

I know I am not the only one who hates new year, does not believe in resolutions, new starts, new ‘me’, or is struggling, grieving or worried about something or other. If you want to be like me, then I plan to fly each day by the seat of my pants, embrace what or who comes my way with appreciation and start enjoying life again.

Whatever your plans, dreams or aspirations for 2020, I wish you all the very best xx

Christmas 2019

Friday 27th December 2019 (8.01pm)

I have somehow managed to get myself through Christmas. My method was to keep busy, keep active and think about things as little as possible. The latter is somewhat difficult, as something occupies my mind literally every waking second. My therapist wants me to slow down (physically and mentally), but I am finding this difficult. I suppose this is something which will not happen overnight and I need to determine what slowing down for someone like me is.

I have made a few decisions lately which I need to ensure I implement. These will take me out of my day to day norm. Whilst I have continued to exercise, which has included running with friends I have also taken myself off to the cinema. Watching a Christmas movie sitting next to loved up couples wasn’t easy but I enjoyed the film and my day out. I am going to make sure I get out and do something like this at least twice a month. Cinema is a good option for me, as it requires me to sit still with no distractions. I already have my next visit planned along with some food. This will be my date day/night (smiley face).

I have made a commitment to myself about joining others in swimming sessions, cycling and running. It is time for me to pop my head above the parapet and get back out there. I am not saying I will suddenly turn into some sociable person, far from it, but this is my attempt at doing what I am told. There are also a number of things which I will step back from doing. 

I spent Christmas alone. This was my decision. My choice. The plans that were made a few months ago, changed. The person who I was to spend the day with, no longer that part of my life. I knew it was going to be hard so I had to back away from a full on Christmas Day and do things my way. No pressure. The day soon went as in the morning I volunteered at Parkrun whilst Olly hung out with his pals on the beach next to me. After joining said pals and their humans, myself and Olly visited a friend, dropped off some presents, had a rest before heading back to the beach. The evening was spent eating and watching typical Christmas TV.  It was hard but thanks to a handful of people, it was special in its own way. Olly made my day as usual, he was like a child getting up at 0354 to see if Santa had been. He then decided to fall asleep in the afternoon after only opening half of his presents. He then ate more pigs in blankets than me!

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Olly at 0354!                                      Excited Olly before Zzzzzzz

I am grateful for the amount of people who invited me to their homes for Christmas Day and yesterday. So many kind people who offered to feed me and make sure that I was ok. I will be first in the queue to repay these invitations.

Tomorrow morning I am back at Parkrun, I have a friend’s 8 year old relative running with me. I just hope he does not go off too fast and wear me out! On Sunday I am off running with a group of friends. These are not New Years resolutions as I do not believe in them, it is just me moving in the right direction, for my health and wellbeing.

If I do not catch up with you all again this year, then see you in 2020 x x


Back out on the bike 

When the penny drops

Saturday 21st December 2019 (11.55 am)

I had two counselling appointments this week. One through MIND and the other organised privately.

Do you know when inside your head you have an idea of what is going on, but you need someone to tell you, and importantly work with you to find solutions, well that has happened twice for me this week. It is simple basic stuff, but it has given me some positivity with how I am going work this over the next few months (and beyond).

Firstly, my session with MIND identified that out of all the variables I was measured on, my self esteem is absolutely rock bottom. Other risk factors and vulnerabilities were identified but lack of self esteem is what myself and my mental health worker will focus on. In essence I have very little self worth, and place very little value on what I think about myself. Words such as failure, unlovable, loser, useless, not good enough and worthless resonate in my head. All compounded and confirmed by not being able to keep hold of a relationship. A vicious circle of catch 22. Avoiding certain situations and withdrawing from social contact and relationships because of the way I feel yet further examples.

I am thankful that the program I will now follow will kick me up the butt and work on such negative thoughts and feelings. I am glad that I know what it is and it is not all my head (you know what I mean) and that there is something that can be done. My next session is January 2nd.

My session on Friday was with a private therapist who I am pleased to say got me pretty quickly. Key points from this:

My head moves too fast, it has too many thoughts with too much going on. As it is so busy I am too focused on trying to process these thoughts. In the meantime, immersing myself in my own world without being able to give attention to others (YES, BANG ON). 

I struggle to be able to sit still, take time out and relax. If I stop, I think. If I think, I become upset. If I become upset, then I link into low self esteem. I keep going. It’s easier. This will eventually burn me out. I need to stop, and not rush everything and everywhere.

What do I need to do? For now, I need to learn to sit and breathe. Not just when I am feeling, stressed, worried or anxious, but I need to build it in to my everyday. A few minutes a couple of times each day will help. If my breathing isn’t regulated or controlled then neither am I. This can be evidenced by recent panic. I lost my breathing. I lost my way. A simple technique which I do approximately 15-20 times per minute anyway. I have been provided with a method which I am working on.

I am running from something – just need to work out what?!

I am unable to appreciate / see my success or anything good that I do. Others congratulate or commend but I just brush it off. Hmmm, lack of self esteem again?

On a positive note, I am doing some good, such as exercise, writing, learning, Olly; BUT everything needs to be done at a slower rate.Thankfully, there is a way forward with this which we will work on over the remaining 5 sessions. I am just pleased that there is a solution for my ‘speediness’ out there.